Is there small Similar util of sudo ?

Is there small similar application of sudo ?

I want to use “sudo” on QNX.
and I know that some of version of sudo is already ported.
but, source code of sudo is too big to understand for me.

please please help me.
: )

Hi. I found the solution.

$su root
#chown root.testgroup appname

and. testgroup user can use application.
I can use this way instad of sudo.


You would not need sudo that much on a development system.
But it is a must on the released product installation.

Do you want everyone to mess the configuration as root there?! No.
Managing the /etc/sudoers file once - and you may keep root’s password secret. You’ll see who did what and when.

I regret I’ve discovered the sudo that late. Now I put it in as the mandatory tool.