How generate a mirror (image) file ?

Good morning.

Well, I generate a mirror file to execute QNX 6.2 on Windows.

But, I made a software and compile it on gcc compiler.

My doubt is: I need to generate a mirror (or image) about this file to execute on windows. How I said, I got to generate a mirror only the QNX 6.2 operation system.

Anybody can I help me ?

Thanks a lot and best regards, Alexandre Baratella.

You need a target QNX machine to test your compiled software.
An image won’t help you directly. The image can be booted on the target machine.
You have the following choice:

  1. find another PC to install and run QNX on.
  2. squeez out some free space on your current Windows PC and install QNX on it, and dual boot to QNX/Windows.
  3. Use VMWare (or VirtualPC) on your Windows, and install QNX inside that.