How to copy application on qnx 3.21 to qnx 6.1


I’m totally newbies to this QNX, so please be patient, thanks.

I had old pc that running qnx 3.21 and our application running off that machine. Now, I try to run that application with new version of qnx (6.1) on new a pc (just in case the old pc burn out). So:

  1. I installed qnx 6.1 on the new pc which have latest technology and bigger hard drive.
  2. then I took out the hard drive on the old pc and put it on the new pc and set it as secondary drive.
  3. Qnx 6.1 boot up in GUI and when I using File Manager browse to /fs/hd1-dos of the old hard drive, I only saw the DOS file on that drive. I don’t see the files/application that stored on qnx 3.21.
  4. in my /dev/ I see /dev/hd1 and /dev/hd1t7 and /dev/hd1t8

Seem to me that QNX 6.1 did mount DOS files (i guess DOS partition) and didn’t mount the qnx 3.21 files/partition.
I tried this command >> #mount -t qnx4 /dev/hd1t7 /fs/hd1-t7 << but it doesnt work.

Can anyone show me step-by-step to move/backup application on the old pc to the new pc.

Thanks a lot.


Bad news, I guess.

QNX 2(3) filesystem and QNX 4 (6) filesystem are NOT compatible.
So you can’t mount qnx 3 disk in a qnx 6.
One way to backup some files would be to use a dos-floppy as described here. Perhaps you can mount the dos partition in QNX 3 and use it as a “swap space”, but I don’t know if QNX 3 supports dos filesystem or not.

And even more bad news:
QNX 3 binaries won’t run under QNX 6, you will have to port your application to QNX 6…

If your old machine is still operating, you can put the hard disk drive back in and move the files over via the network, I don’t know if qnet will work between the versions, but FTP certainly will…

QSS never made a TCP/IP stack for QNX2(3). A third party does make a TCP/IP stack for QNX2(3) but last I heard it was VERY expensive.

There’s always the serial port and qtalk…

Look like I have to stuck w/ qnx2(3). So here are my questions:

  • where do I d/l the qnx2(3) to install on the new pc?
  • Can I add newhard drive to the old machine then copy application to the new hard drive? if so, How do I copy (please show the command to mount new hard drive & copy) the application from old pc to the new pc (new pc with qnx2(3)).

P.S. I just have little knowledge using Linux (Redhat) command, I have tried linux cmd on qnx but didn’t work :frowning:

Can qnx 4.25 read qnx2(3) or vice-versa?

Any help would be preciated.



qnx2(3) and qnx 4 can only be obtained through purchase. They are not available for free download like qnx 6.

not vice-versa, but qnx 4 can read qnx 2(3) disks via a tool called “Qnx2fsys” that can be found at

Asking ‘where can I download QNX 2/3’ is like asking ‘Where can i download Windows 3.1/3.11’

Don’t you have the source code to your application? You should port it to QNX 6. It’s almost impossible to let QNX 2 run on current hardware. You also should not use QNX 6.1. Current is 6.3 !

My friend bought Video store and that was come with the PC. I don’t know which directory for that source code or the data directory locate on the / .

How do I view the file? I’ve tried to use: pico or vi, but didn’t work.

So, now I have to copy it to floppy disk and copy it back to (or open it in) QNX 6 or…???

Or, download & Install QNX 4.25 then open from there?