Feedback on last release of QNX RTP

I have found 2 problems in my case so far. It was installed from big ISO
CD image (400+ Mb).
I’ve had QNX 6.0 Patch C installed on that machine.

  1. X server problem

It seems I found some problem with that release :frowning:

“X server” item was not able to install correctly.
Post install script had written (see copy’n’paste below)

Error executing the pre-unuse script “/usr/X11R6/bin/xphoton_slay”
required by XPhoton
Error executing the script “/usr/photon/bin/launchmenu_notify” triggered
by the uninstallation of X Window for Photon
Error executing the script “/usr/photon/bin/launchmenu_notify” triggered
by the installation of XPhoton
Error executing the post-use script “/usr/X11R6/bin/xphoton_start”
required by XPhoton

When I started to investigate, I found that there is no “/usr/X11R6/bin”
directory at all on harddrive, only “/usr/X11R6/lib”.
I tried to remove completely all that stuff, then install it again, but
it didn’t help either.

  1. “Disabled software packages”
    When I started to analyse current configuration, I found that many
    packages were deactivated. I switched them on (activated) manually, but
    IMHO it should not switch off any software package(s) installed before.

BR, Andrej

Alec wrote: has the 6.1 RTP uploaded. Enjoy!

Alec Saunders
VP Marketing, QNX Software Systems Limited

BR, Andrej