Some Questions About Qnx6.3

hi , all

I’m a novice to qnx.I want to use qnx6.3(Is it the new qnx os version ) , but i have some questions what i don’t know , i hope friends can give me answers:

  1. i want to know which part compose qnx6.3 os , and what is their uses.For example : what is IDE and BSP , and so on.

2.i want to know what is QNX company technology support plan , and how to get

Any information, suggestion, guide is needed.
Thanks in advance.

IDE is Integrated Development Environment, basically it’s your programming tools, GUI designer, debugger, that sort of thing.

BSP is Board Support Package, which is drivers and stuff for various embedded systems.

If you want support from QNX, call them, and they will be glad to take a great deal of money from you :slight_smile:

thanks theqman
how long is qnx licence period of validity?
if i want to update my os version(for example : 6.2 to 6.3) , i have to purchase new os?

Well, you can use it non-commercially indefinitley, but the development tools stop working after 30 days. However you can still use the good stuff like PhAb (GUI designer) and gcc. But for commercial use it will cost you, probably rather a lot. I think if you are happy with 6.2 you can just keep on using it forever without extra cost.

what is Technology Development Kits and Source Kits?

Just specific packages of software suited to a particular task, for example, there is a multimedia TDK, which comes with codecs and stuff for audio formats, that kind of thing.

if i want to update my system hardware base ,which is needed to modify in my software?(only bsp?)

TDK and Source Kits is free and no license term?
Can they update?

how to get TDK and Source Kits ?

i can see processer list of qnx6.3 os bsp support on qnx website ,but where are chipsetprocesser list of qnx6.3 os bsp support
please tell me ,thank

QNX is highly modular. So, if you have a BSP plus some self-made drivers that depend on hardware, and then some applications using the drivers, only the drivers and some parts of the BSP may need to be updated if you update your hardware.

You have to buy from QNX or one of their distributors.