QNX on a MyTurn GlobalPC?

The GlobalPC runs an AMD Elan SC410 at 66Mhz, 8 megs RAM, some conexant
56k modem, 1.44M floppy, 4.3 gig
IDE hard drive. I forget what the other chips in the box were. Has
composite out and VGA out up to 800x600
8bit color. Audio in/out, joystick port, headphone jack, one serial and
one parallel port.

The installed OS is a “dummy proofed” version of GEOS. Hitting Ctrl+E
while in the settings gets you
access to “Enhanced features”. Someone in a GEOS group said he found TED
on there and was able to
change some settings to install the last version of NewDeal Office. :slight_smile:

That’s all well and good, but before I’d shell out for this product from
a recently defunct company (MyTurn)
with an OS that presumably is also (finally) defunct, I’d like to know
if there’s any chance it would
run QNX? The SC410 has no FPU, as I’m sure the embedded system
developers in here know. :wink:

How well (or bad) does QNX perform on the SC410?