Some problems with the version 6.1.

Hi everybody.

Some problems with the v6.1 :

  1. I log in as a regular user (not as root), then
    I change font size in Preferences of the File
    Manager. When I next time log in I have “old”
    font’s size. What’s wrong ?

  2. Media Player. There is an option in Media
    Player’s setting (on the tab General) called
    something like “Skip frames in the Real Time
    Mode”. If I turn off this option then click “Done”
    and when I enter to Preferences again I see
    that option turned on.

I had more such problems with different
settings - I change something, then
“Done” or “Apply”, but when I come to
the same place next time I see previous
values of settings.

Is it a known problem ? Are there any solutions ?

Thanks for your help in advance.

Best regards,