Problem with PFM

Hello everybody,
I am using qnx6.2.1.My pfm window is not working.If i run it in terminal it is giving memory fault(core dumped).If i have to reinstall which package i have to select.This problem ocurred when i wanted to cut some files of about 10mb.When i did this this problem is coming.Can anyone guide me.:cry:
Thanks in advance.

You could try to wipe out it’s preferences in your home directory, will be in a ‘.’ (hidden) directory callend ‘.photon’ or ‘.pfm’ or something like that… That off the top of my head so could easily be wrong.

hello senior member,
i tried the above but also it is giving same error.I removed /root/.ph directory but it is npt working what shall i do?
please help me.

I also encountered this problem before, and I tried many ways to solve it without success. All I have to do is reinstall QNX to make pfm work!

just copy other users diretory like /home/username/.ph/pfm to /root/.ph/pfm .
I have solved it