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So I foolishly changed the root shell from /bin/sh to /bin/bash, which unfortunately does not exist.

Not a problem, right? Just boot from CD and login as root.

Well, I booted from CD, mounted the HD in r/w mode and went to /fs/hd0t79/etc/ only to find that ‘opasswd’ was there and accessible, but ‘passwd’ was nowhere to be found.

Additionally, many other files were missing from the mounted drive. I’m sure that I’m looking in the mounted drive because my rc.local was still there along with some other custom settings.

What gives? How do I access these files?

Much thanks,

Any help would be appreciated. Sorry for posting in qnx OS first . . .



I don’t have a clue why you cannot see these files, but if you still have the bin directory on the mounted drive, wouldn’t a simple “cp /mnt/bin/sh /mnt/bin/bash” do the trick?

My guess is you must be using a version before QNX 6.3 where the package filesystem is in place. Your passwd and shadow files must be “spilled”. You should be able to find them in


This article should give you more details on the package filesystem.

Hey thanks,

The copying sh trick ought to work . .