Is via embedded series processer compatible with qnx6.3

hi all :
i want to know whether via embedded series processer compatible with qnx6.3 , (for example:VIA eden-n , VIA eden esp , VIA c3-m , VIA c3 ,and so on)

please tell me
thanks in advance

by the way , i want to know whether via Twister-T(VT8606+VT82C686B) chipset compatible with qnx6.3 or qnx4.24

Any fuly x86 compatible processor will work, but for specific boards you need to check or contact them directly.

I think Twister works with 6.3 SP1.

thanks theqman and thunderblade
i want to know how to use CFcard on qnx4.24(use efys.*?).
please tell me

QNX running on the new VIA C7’s will be nice :slight_smile:

in “QNX6.3 Supported Processer” web on qnx website ,i see various processer in list , but i find pentium3 from Dynatem or GE and Via Eden from winsystem , Is these pentium3 and Via Eden equal pentium3 from intel , via eden from via?

I suggest your call +1 613 591-0931 or email to find out.
or depending on your location, check

thanks everybody:
i want to know what is bsp funtion ,which part of bsp,
i have heard that "BSP is Board Support Package, which is drivers and stuff for various embedded systems. " but i don’t know what does stuff mean?
please tell me

its means you can optimze qnx for a particulat procesor and motherboard and what not, as oposed to qnx just thinking its a geneeric x86 chip

i thank that architecture of qnx filesystem is
block i\o driver → filesystem -->filesystem manager

block i\o driver is fsys.eide ,fsys.ide , fsys.floppy , and so on.
i don’t know my views is right or wrong , if your have better and deep comprehension , help me!

i want to know which type of flash supported by qnx6.3 ,
And how to use flash on qnx.6.3 , need special filesystem or filesystemdriver?

Any information, suggestion, guide is needed.
Thanks in advance.