QNX 6.3 OS BOOT ISO whre to get ?


i’ve tried to find a QNX-Boot ISo but don’t got one, where can i find one of thise, or must I purchase QNX 6.3 ? Thanks for your help in advance


You can download the 30 days evaluation version of QNX 6.3 from “www.qnx.com” or “http://www.openqnx.com/Downloads+index-req-getit-lid-80.html” . After 30 days all it’s commercial features will disabled but you can continue to explore non-commercial features after that. Make sure you download the proper bootable image file and that is
QNX 6.3 Neutrino x86 self hosted.

Big Thanx

I tried to download qnx 6.3 from “www.qnx.com” or "http://www.openqnx.com/Downloads for several times , but I suffered interruption every time when I downloaded 10-20%.How can I do?

Read the below thread in full, to find alternative places for download, with resume capability.