devb-eide & fujitsu hard drive.

Hi, All:

I am running 6.0, I have my own build file to build the boot image, I have a
hard drive as the master of primary IDE and CD-ROM drive as the slave of the
same IDE. I start the devb-eide like this:

devb-eide blk auto=partition,cache=1M eide dma,ioport=0x1f0,irq=14 eide
dma,ioport=0x170,irq=15 &

I got a problem :

When the hard disk is fujitsu 20G, after booting, there is no /dev/cd0
appeared. So far this problem occurs only when I use fujitsu hard drive, I
have no problem with Seagate and Quantum.

This problem gets fixed when I use ‘nobios’ option to start devb-eide like
the following:

devb-eide blk auto=partition,cache=1M eide dma,nobios,ioport=0x1f0,irq=14
eide dma,ioport=0x170,irq=15 &

However I don’t understand well how this problem gets happened? Why bios
information works for other types of hard drive (ie, same size, all over
8.4G)? Where can I get some detailed information about fujitsu hard drive? I
didn’t find it on their website. Any help is well appreicated.