Obtaining QNX 2 Licences


I still have customers requesting replacement or spare computers with QNX 2 installed.

Is it still possible to purchase “proper” QNX 2 licences? I used to have a supplier here in the UK called Northrepps Technologies but they appear to have ceased trading.

Is Quantum Software even still bothered about QNX 2 licences?

Many thanks

  • The name of Quantum Software has changed to QNX Software Systems like, 10 years ago.
  • Yes they bother about QNX 2 licenses.
  • There is a QNX office in the UK. The QNX website has this contact data:

QNX Software Systems Ltd.- United Kingdom
Trinity House, Cambridge Business Park
Cowley Road, Cambridge
United Kingdom CB4 0WZ
Email: info@qnx.co.uk
Phone: +44 01223 862077
Fax: +44 01223 862995

I suggest you turn there and ask about QNX 2 licenses.

Thanks for the information