QNX driver development. Where to start ?

Hi Guys,
I am looking for a short advise about the starting point.

  1. Which book out there (amazon etc) is the most relevant to the subj.
  2. Are there sample sources for QNX drivers available somewhere ?
    ( I know the DDK QNX is offering as extra packages. It is under cinsideration. Anything else?)
    Thank you.

The DDK’s are free, so don’t consider back and forth, go ahead instead!
And as for books - Rob Krtn’s books are the best! ;-)

I have realisd that the sample drivers will be included.
The “resource manager” sections in the docs are usefull too.
Thanks for the hint about the books.

Thunderblade, with 6.3 not all DDK are free or available, they are part of TDK (technology development kit). These DDK are very “device” dependant and in many case do not make a good base for developing a driver.