Problem with LAN & Modem :)

Hi. I’ve just have 2 errors ;]
1st. My ISDN connection don’t wqork in QNX. I’ve got Aethra ISDN modem NT-IP. When i try to connect there is some error (01 or 02, i don’t remember right now). But first string of command are bad so modem give error. When i use software to connect manually i’ve got something like that : .
Second problem is for QNX 6.2.1.
The 6.1 version work fine when i connect thru LAN (realtek card). But version 6.2.1 don’t work sating that cannot establish connection with network ( I think hardware isn’t detected. So, anyone can help ? :slight_smile:
Please respond if someone can :slight_smile:

For the realtek, finish the install of 6.2.1. You have to install the x86 Momentics packages from the install CD otherwise you are running a mixed version of 6.2.0 and 6.2.1.

As for the ISDN, I belive you can go into the dialer options and change what init strings it sends to the device. That should fix your error.

Hi :slight_smile: I will check out the nistall process… But back to ISDN. I try to put own init string, but dialer still trying some ATZ strings for start & there is an error .then

I’m not sure then. I would post on the networking newsgroup on our news server -

Thank You :slight_smile:

I looked one more time to see when error occurs…
& when i use dialer, it use first ATZ, then modem say OK.
Afer that Init string is ATM0… & then modem respond error.

I think that’s the string turnning off the speaker…

So how can i disable this string ? :slight_smile:

If you have modefied the initialize string,
looks like it will only use that instead of
generate some on it’s own.

So if you goto edit, and the “Modem” tag,
there is a “Modem Init” field there. Fill in
something and it would gone ?

Yes. When I fill it with strong from windows drivers, that use only .inf fil it’s still trying the default commands…

Maybe there is some other sopftware that give dialing options ? :slight_smile: