need suggestions for choosing media

Hello, I am working on my university project which is an autonomous vehicle. I would be using camera for vision , other obstacle avoidance and other stuff needed for this. I would use an Intel P4 processor and compatable board. I don’t have any space and power constraints yet cause its been started as research project. Now i’ve to choose some media from where my system can boot and all other run-time read-write operations can be performed and all other libraries and programs are stored. I’ve two options either to use Hard Drive or use USB Flash Drive. Which one is better. Personally HDD seems better to me for faster read-write operations and other ease of development. What if I use USB Flash Drive and what could be the after effects etc. I don’t have any constraints of using USB or HDD. Please any suggestions are welcome.
Thanx for ur time.

I would use HDD. Because Flash Memory can only handle a limited number of write operations (something like 100.000). After that the Flash is corrupt, and the data is lost.

Some are 1 millions write, and note that it’s 1 millions erase of a perticular block. Filesystem for HD are not meant to distribute wear over the whole disk , but the flash file system is.