Looking for devc-ser* for 16C950/Oxford Semi


I have the Oxford Semi PCI952/PCI954 enhanced serial interfaces
operating in 550 compatibility mode with the appropriate enum
definitions so it auto-configures in Nto 6.1 …

However, these chipsets have a lot of advanced functionality
including 128-byte FIFO’s, shared registers to optimize interrupt
handling, special RS-485 support, etc. Has anyone developed a
driver to at least take advantage of the FIFO’s and optimized
interrupt handling?

As a second part… has anybody used the PCI-800H 8-port serial
boards? I don’t know who the OEM is but http://www.byterunner.com
and http://www.vael.com both sell the same cards and they are
based on the Oxford chipsets.

For anybody interested http://www.oxsemi.com - Some of the notable
features I’ve seen on these is they have a signal when the TX buffer
has data to enable RS-485 TX buffers for those that have to deal
with trying to time that last character and built-in flow control with