/etc/dhcp/dhcp-up script problems

Hi all
I’m trying to boot up Neutrino on a PPC 8260-based board through DHCP
I start dhcp.client in the startup.script of the embebbed OS image,
just after io-net (with the network driver and the full tcpip stack).

dhcp.client succeed in configuration of interface en0 (ip addr and
but seems not to execute the /etc/dhcp/dhcp-up script, where I want to
mount NFS root.

dhcp-up is embedded in the OS image, and I can start it manually from
(on the serial line), so I’m sure it work fine: but it should be called
from dhcp.client because is the only place where I can use dhcp server
address to properly configure NFS (‘SERVER’ environment set by

Any suggestion?
Thanks to all

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