Hi all,

Sorry for asking naive questions. I am looking for SMP environment for my project, and happy to know QNX is supporting it. My questions are,

  1. Is QNX supporting SMP with more than 4 processors?
  2. Is there some APIs for assigning each thread to each processor in the way that I want?
  3. Could you recommend a SMP machine(more than 4 CPUs) which is VERY stable with QNX?

All your help will be appreciated.

Yes. QNX supports more than 4 processor SMP machines.
The API for assigning each thread is the ThreadCtl() kernel call. This calls allows you to change the runmask (processor affinity) of a thread. The usage is simple:

ThreadCtl (_NTO_TCTL_RUNMASK, mask), where “mask” is a bitfield, and 1s indicate processor which the thread is allowed to run on.

I don’t have any suggestions for hardware.