Hi all,

I’m trying to build a Photon embedded system with mkifs and have
following problem: the boot process stops after displaying “Press Esc
for .altboot…”. If I make it a little bit smaller by excluding
some files, it works… So I have the following questions:

  • Is there a limiting size of the “ifs” file?
  • Why does the chkfsys always say that the .boot file is not under the
    1024 cylinder limit and may not boot properly, even if I format a simple

1 cylinder partition beginning at cylinder 0?!?! (it is a 3Go hard disk
with 780 cylinders)

  • Is there a difference between including Photon in the /proc/boot
    directory just by giving its name in the file list and including it with

a command such as: “/usr/photon/bin/Photon=/usr/photon/bin/Photon”?
I’ve search responses in the docs, but didn’t find them, so it will be
very helpfull if anyone could answer me.
Thank you for your time, and replying.