rsh problem ...


The rshd - provided at openqnx - works only for PVM if PVM has been
at /openqnx/pvm3, because of an un-intended extension of the builtin
of rshd along with my test work at laaaate night :slight_smile:

There is a new version at openqnx, which allows to specify the PVM_ROOT
at start time in inetd.conf.

It’s available at openqnx → rshd-2.gz

Fact is that the rshd from QSSL and the GNU rshd are not working with
‘Network Infrastructure Platform’ aka QNX6 … is’s really annoying.


Armin Steinhoff wrote:

Alain Magloire wrote:

Armin Steinhoff <> wrote:

[ clipp…]
First what is standard? There is a formal RFC that defines rlogin protocol
rfc1282. But in term of standard, you can only rely on the BSD code.

Try it on other platforms like say solaris with bash/sh as the
default shell and tell me if there are differences.

QNX6 rsh/rshd is the BSD source code. Albeit base on 4.3BSD which may show
its age.

Yes … the rshd code of the inetutil-1.3.2 distribution is BSD based.

: But there are more than 40 working implementations in the field!!

Most of them are base on the BSD code and share the same functionnalities/bugs

But they are woking … why??

Yes I am, I offered alternative solutions to your problem.

Many thanks for your proposals … but they wasn’t applicable.

: rsh/rshd is broken … I will give Open SSH a try and will do a port of
: the GNU inetutils.

The GNU inetutils port is the BSD code, you will find the same behaviour.

I did a plain re-compilation of 1.3.2 distribution (no single char
changed) and
the executable WORKS as expected!!

The new(?) rshd is available at > > …
PVM 3.4.4 release.

But if you ever want to take a look, I would recommand the snapshots on
Those snapshots take care of some obvious security holes, I beleive
some of the daemon were rewritten but not rshd.

Yes, I’m aware about the security wholes of rsh … for that reason I
will test at next the OpenSSH stuff.

Many thanks for your feedback!