Receiving unsent message?


I’m having a problem with Message based IPC in combination with fork/exec,
the situation is as follows.

I have a parent process P which first creates a channel to receive messages
on. M then vforks/execs a process Ca. Ca creates a channel, connects to P’s
channel, sends P its channelid and proceeds receiving messages. After P has
received Ca’s channelid it vforks/execs another process Cb (which acts
exactly the same as Ca).

Now the strange thing is that Ca receives a message from Cb when Cb is being
forked/execed (which should not happen?). Any ideas?


M then vforks/execs a process Ca.

M should be P here…

Ah, the solution was right in front of my eyes (in the help files that is),

Some flags needed to be set on ConnectAttach().