doubt- simple dial through chat (pppd) ..

My embedded system has simple dialer and mailer in it and should work on
event driven basis…But my system doesn’t have photon and hence phdialer
can’t be used …So I had selected pppd with chat for dialing a remote pc
…But I am able to dial but i could not autenticate through PAP …I will
list my procedure can some one help me …Am i using a useful(less)
(Finally I want to dial ISP using PPPD/chat and I should start ppp interface
as i do in phdialer)

This is my procedure :
pppd connect ‘chat -f /etc/dial_isp’

where in my /etc/options file i have
/dev/ser1 56700 debug modem crtscts auth +pap -chap

in my /etc/pap-secrets file i have
"userid * “password” *

in my /etc/dial_isp file i have
“” “at”
ok “ATDT172222”

My isp has PAP verification… And my log files say that i am sucessfully
dialing but i could not clear authentication …
Can some one having previous experience help me…