Problems with Nfsd under QNX 6.1


We seem to be experiencing occasional problems with the NFS daemon under
QNX 6.1. In particular we have observed two situations in which it has
a tendency to crash. The first is when performing either a “cp -p” or a
“cp -a” to the QNX system from a Liunx system (RedHat 7.1 with to be
specific). The second case occurs when we have a file open over NFS in
emacs and that file is changed “behind emacs’ back” – this typically
results in a runaway emacs process that must be "kill -9"ed. It would
seem that the issue in both cases is “messing” with or “watching” the
atime, ctime, and/or utime of the inode.

I have looked around, but I have not seen any other mention of this
problem or any hint at a fix for it. Any information would be greatly

-Al Rizzi