frozen SMP system

Hi everybody,

I need help to make my SMP system stable.

If I use all the CPU (it’s a dual PIII SBC PICMG motherboard) with a /.boot
file from /boot/build/, my system boot correctly without
error or warning. But, after a while, its became completely frozen :
no mouse response
no keyboard response
no network response (ping from another system)
The freeze state is very less frequent under Photon than under XFree 4.2
(from openqnx) or Xphoton. For example, if I start /opt/X11R6/bin/xgc or
the drawlines Qt3 example I’m sur to froze under 30 secondes.
Perhaps it is due to graphics operation because with other X application it
takes longer.
Under Photon I haven’t a procedure to froze my system (it’s more stable)
but its sometimes arrive (one time with only the installer running) and
more frequently when I quit photon (phshutdown and choose : “quit photon

If I boot on a single CPU (a .boot file from /boot/build/
there isn’t any problem (I can work for a long time under Xfree4.2 with

For information :

  • it’s a QNX RTP 6.1A system.
  • syslogd is runnning but there is nothing in /var/log/syslog (some errors
    from fs-cifs but I have the problem without Samba map).
  • I tried starting the X server with different video card → same problem.
    (the first is a C&T 69000 chips on the motherboard, the second is an ATI
    3D rage II PCI)

I don’t know what to do to debug this problem. So I need your help…


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