devb-eide on TS-5300

Hi all,
I’m having problems starting the devb-eide driver on a TS-5300( running QNX 6.3
I have the following line in my buildfile:
devb-eide eide nobmstr,nopci blk automount=hd0t79:/ alloc=1m cache=1m qnx4 noatime &

It works OK under QNX 6.2.1 but fails under QNX 6.3.

Error message: xpt_configure: No eide interfaces found
exited with status 0

Any idea what should be changed?


If I remember right, I had to add the ioport and irq to the option list. Because
devb-eide didn’t do it right.

Hi again Martin,
This sounds good, but how do I figure it out?

If I don’t forget I will look up the settings tomorrow when I am at work.
I got the settings by running devb-eide in verbose mode under 6.2

This is what I used:
devb-eide eide ioport=0x1f0:0x3f4,irq=0xe

Good luck.

It worked perfect.