Wireless success story?

Hi all,
Will have to use a QNX 6.2.1/6.3.0 over a wireless network.
I see a bunch of configuration problems in the forums.
Does someone have a success story?

I have succesfully used an Orinoco card in my project.

The configuration can be a little tricky, depending on what control you need.

If your system is to just boot and always use the same settings, then pass these settings to the driver when you start io-net.

If, as I do, you need to provide a user interface for wifi config, then it gets a little tricky.

You can unmount the wireless driver and then re-mount with the new settings in a shell script:
umount /dev/io-net/enx

mount -T io-net -o$O_ARGS /lib/dll/devn-orinoco.so
see the documentation for what the args need to be.

You can use the devctls provided in the driver, coding in c for example.
These are unfortunately un-published but I found this article: mercury.eeng.may.ie/~conoro/wifi
Which is a little utility with source code to get and set wireless parameters.

I have incorporated some of this into my project and it works just fine.

The orinoco driver did initially have some bugs, mainly when using ad-hoc mode,
but QNX sent me an updated version and it now works fine.

So I think you can call this a success story :slight_smile: