Having problems with ftp on ppp

Dear All

I have connected 2 rtp boxes together using ethernet and have had tcp/ip,
inetd, slinger, telnet, http (via slinger), ftp etc all working.

If I disconnect the ethernet and use dialup ppp I can get all the above
working except ftp.

I get the following output to the screen on the local machine

Connected to xx.xx.xx.xx

Some time later

421 Service not available remote server timed out.

On the remote I have loged the following using syslogd

Connection from xx.xx.xx.xx date
<---- 220
Hostname FTP Server (Version 5) ready
<---- 221
You could at least say goodbye.

The above is all logged within a 1-2 second time frame.

The ppp connection does not drop out, and I can still do everything else,
any help would be appreciated.


Rodney Stevens
CSIRO Minerals

Phone 61 2 97106701
Fax 61 2 97106789
Email rod.stevens@csiro.au

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