help for interrupt handling and MAKEFILE

hello every one,

this is a posting regarding interrupt handling and makefile,

we r naive users of ***qnx4 and would be happy if any one can help in
the following matters,we r using pci card with plx 9052 chip.
we are able to access the card memory.and we are also getting the irq
line no,but …

the problem seems to be whenevr we get interrupt frm the board our
interrupt handler is not getting invoked we are using qnx_hint_attach
and also using the compilation options… -T1 -Wc,-s prg.c and
one more main point ****this program includes the code for all the
handling ,mem accessing and also our application lib functions,this we
are doing as we are not sure of the make file procedure…is it fine
or is it mandatory to compile the interrupt code …etc separately
using a make file…if so we would like to get some help on the
any help will be highly appreciated
thanking u in advance.


“Apollo Computing Laboratories (P) Ltd.” <> wrote:

hello every one,

This is a QNX6 newsgroup. Also, I replied to this in the QNX4
newsgroup. Please try to avoid cross-posting, so that people
don’t get annoyed by seeing your article multiple times, and so
that all the threads of answers are kept together.


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