QNX 4.25 driver needed for serial ports


I’m trying to make QNX 4.25 working on an industrial motherboard MB800H (www.ibase.com.tw/mb800.htm). I don’t have prior experience on QNX. So far everything runs OK (this motherboard is using Intel 845GE system chipset), except 4 serial ports can’t work. The serial port 1 & 2 are from I/O chip Winbond 83627HF, while 3 & 4 are from Winbond 83877. I’m wondering if there are existing drivers available? All feedback/comment/help are appreciated.


If they are standard RS-232 serial port, you can just use QNX’s serial port driver “Dev.ser”. Make sure those ports are enabled in BIOS and copy down the port/irq. You may need to pass the port/irq to the “Dev.ser”.

“pass port/irq” :
like ‘Dev.ser -Nser -F-t8 03F8,4 &’ or such,
for details type ‘use Dev.ser’ with ENTER in a terminal.
regards HELGE

Thanks for the precious info. I really appreciate.

yes! the standard rs-232 is that ,but i want to ask if i have other i/o control chip (e.g. 16c950) ,if i can use devc-ser8250 ?are they compatible?

Yes the driver is compatible with most serial chip, although it may not use the specific feature of the chip. Also sometime there are issue with the way interrupt are setup (thats not an issue with the chip itself but the way its setup on the board)