Help. Install QNX 6.3 on Fedora Core 3

  1. the installation wont start It says “Initializing InstallShield Wizard…Preparing java virtual machine…” and stops.
  2. So i installed Sun’s Java 1.5 sdk and made java works
  3. i type java -cp ./qnx_linux_setup.jar run
    and the installation starts, after i enter my lic key, it shows the progress bar, but at 1% done, it jumps to the next windows saying uninstall file cannot be found, and then at next window it says jvm is not found on this machine.


  1. How do i remove whatever i installed, coz if i run the installation again, it says qnx 6.3 is already installed.
  2. How do i install qnx properly?


problem solved.

  1. Just del the qnx folder under /etc and /opt
  2. Use jre1.4.2, dont use 1.5 or sdk.