Problem with ps and Co. Supplement

Hi again!

How may this happen?
My Script (i told about in Fatal BUG? 14.10.2002 in this newsgroup) which
should log into my database now shows up a new interesting behavior:

As I told my script runs to log every x seconds a line into a postgrsql
table, sleeps for x seconds and loops…
The ps command wasn’t running the right way.
My script says postgresql has no client connections free anymore.
Hmmm, i thought… what now.
I Strg-C’d my script and Strg-D’d that Terminal Window (which was no ttyp1).
Now i called the stop routine of postgresql AND opened a new Terminal-Window
(which was again ttyp1).
A was confused, now i got strange messages “Fatal 1: Database is shutting
down” on my new Terminal Window…

Ahhh! But? What?

Please, can anyone help me what was this? How can the script run if I
terminated it an closed that Window (which should kill them, too)?

Thanks in advance…


May be, everyone on QNX is on holyday?

It seems this attemp to find a solution is also hanging now…

What is my option now?
Can you tell me, what i can do, to find a fix for my fatal problem?
It’s critical. I now mailed a bug-report to qnx directly. But how should
anyone replicate this problem?
I was hopeful to hear a good comment here. But now i don’t know what i can

PLEASE help me out of this!

Best wishes

Christian Gerdes