Puzzled by Qnet

Hi all,

I have some strange behaviours in Qnet. I have two computer running a Qnet
network: server (qnx 6.2) and nodo1 (qnx 6.0).
Nodo1 has a axis control card (galil) and I would like to start the driver
for it from the server machine.
The first strange things are the names in the /net directory;
In “server” they are:
in “nodo1” they are:
…without the “net.intra” domain.

Then I start the device driver from the server:
on -f nodo1.net.intra ./device_driver

Then I go to the /dev directory in “nodo1” and the device is not there, but
the strange thing is that a “new” name has appeared in the “nodo1” /net
directory, so now is like this:


Nice! But the most incredible thing is that is you go into
/net/nodo1.net.intra/dev/ (from “nodo1”) the device_driver is there!!, and
it works!!. But if you try to access the same directory from the server
doing cd /net/nodo1.net.intra/dev/ the devicedriver is NOT there, you need
to do something like cd /net/nodo1.net.intra/net/nodo1.net.intra/dev to
effectively see the device.


It seems something related with names resolution etc but I can not foresee
how to resolve this…

Carlos Beltran