CGI and System Lockup

First off, I’m sorry if this is posted some place else, I posted it once
already and couldn’t see it in the newsgroup anywhere!

I have written a CGI executable. This reads an I/O board and produces pages
with analogue input values that are updated periodically using the meta tag
to refresh the page.

This works well, the target is a TP300 DSP Design PC104 CPU, with 32MB
SDRAM. I am using the tiny tcp stack and slinger.

My problem is that for the last 3 weekends I have left the system running
with a client requesting the pages on an update of 5 seconds. When I return
on the Monday morning the entire system is locked up completely. The only
option I have is to power cycle the target.

I have looked at the CGI executable and it does not allocate any memory
internally, all resources are created on the stack and should therefore be
released when the CGI terminates.

The problem does suggest that the system is running out of resources over
time as if I leave it running over one night it does not lock up.

Are there any known issues with executable CGI’s and slinger that could
explain this ?

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