Profiling: Poor performance in _btext


I have a large application that I want to profile and have a few problems.

  1. I recompiled with “-p” the app runs, but no gmon.out. Where is gmon.out?
  2. I suspect output is redirected to qconn and tried to use the IDE to
    launch it, but the target runs out of memory!?!?
  3. I launched it on the target, then connected IDE to a running process. I
    got some profiling info! The abysmal performance is do to _btext which
    occupies 75% CPU load. This is great, but _btext isn’t a function in my

What is _btext? (It seems that if you remove the _btext hog, my app can be
4x faster :slight_smile:)

I suspect _btext is .text activity that isn’t recorded in the profiling.
But why?