can't telnet, ping and ftp to QNX6 DOC on industrial pc?

Hi QNX lovers,

I need to know why every time I reboot my industrial pc with QNX6 DOC, I can not ftp, telnet even ping them.? I checked the running process already exist io-net, inetd, pipe and also devc-pty.

I have to shutdown the industrial pc and turn it on back then its work back to normal. (can ftp, ping, telnet).

I use command “#shutdown -f” to reboot the pc.

Can anybody help me? Should I modified my boot image or else?

Need Help

The limited information that you’ve given suggests that Network card driver does not initialize the Network card properly during a warm boot.
I would try to isolate and document this. If you succeed you will either find your problem, or have a good bug report for QSSL.

I use 3Com network card(ISA) and use command line as below for boot image script:

io-net -del509 -ptcpip -pqnet & #start network manager, NIC driver and TCP/IP stack
waitfor /dev/socket #make sure TCP/IP stack started
ifconfig en0 sparc2 netmask #set IP address

Is this enough information for you? Can you help me?


I don’t see anything wrong with your script, but maybe someone else will.
In the mean time, I would do the following,

  1. Remove the script from the boot
  2. Cold boot the machine, and run your commands and verify that
    TCP/IP works as expected
  3. Warm boot the machine and repeat.

If TCP/IP fails the second time, then you have a strong case for
there being something wrong with the driver. You may also learn
more about where the problem occurs. In either case you can pass this on to QSSL for comment.

Hi All,

I already do what your propose before even with QNX6 boot from hard disk. After warm boot I repeat the command for run driver and set ip address. Still can not ping the target machine after warm boot.
I think there’s something wrong with the driver.

I did same thing to desktop pc with QNX6 running on it but with different network card. Its work very well.


Since you are using an ISA network card, it could be that a cold reboot is need for the card to setup the io-port/irq correctly. It seems the QNX driver may have a bug that can’t deal with this card if it is not full re-initialized. Is this a ISA pnp card? If so, those tools may help.

Personally, swapping to a different band network card may be the quickest solution.