via serial port

:cry: Hi all… I want to connect my laptop with a CPU rig thru a serial ports. My laptop and the CPU rig are both running in Qnx4.25. Can somebody help me to make a connection between this two thing and I need a command to check the connection.

Thank you…

If you have the tcpip license for QNX 4 and would like to connect them that way, you can use PPP.
Or you can just use the normal terminal access via serial using qtalk (similiar to hyperterminal in windows).

Alternatively, if you don’t have a tcpip license, but you do have 2 QNX licenses) you can connect them together with Net.fd, and use QNX native networking.


The machine is already connected by network. I have to prepare for backup by using serial port. Need help to configure it…


how to check the connection?

Well, if it is already on the network, and you can ping the IP address, you can easily access the host using the standard tcpip utilities such as telnet/ftp.

As for backup via serial port. If your tape driver works with serial port, you probably need to install some software that comes with it …

Or maybe you meant using serial as a “backup” method to access the machine should the network goes down?

ping the IP.

yup… "backup " meant for as the network goes down… still not clear how to work on it… pliz help…


Check the Configuring serial lines for terminals and users section in this document.

thanks for helping… my both machine running succesfully…

one more thing… how if there’s only one machine can use qtalk… qtalk must be running both at one time right?

qtalk is only used on the “client” side when you need to access the other machine (server). The server has to have “tinit” running/listening on the serial port .

is this the right command for tinit ?

tinit -t con1 -c “modem -L -b 57600” -m 10 -t ser1

Check the Configuring serial lines for terminals and users section in this document.

-t ser1 option to the “tinit” was mentioned. it looks good to me.

I am not sure why do you “modem -L -b 57600”. Are you connecting via a dialup modem, or just a direct serial link?

yup… just a direct serial link… is it wrong way?

nothing wrong with direct link. There is just no need to run the “modem” command in this case.