registry equivalent in QNX neutrino?

In windows app we use registry entries to store application setup values and to share these information with other application. What is the equivalent in QNX? How is it implemented in QNX?

AFAIK there is no such things on QNX … so you’re going to have to implement it.

then how does software like momentics store it’s preference variable data? Does it store it in txt file somewhere in the harddrive?

Yup. Go to the workspace and type:

$ cd .metadata
$ ls -Fastl
$ cd .config
$ cat platform.cfg

If you are starting a new design and want a general “registry” for your applications, I would recommend using libxml, and installing the “XML Buddy” plugin (or something similar) into Momentics. XML Buddy will give you the tree editing capabilities of regedit, and libxml will give you a nice API to access from your apps.

There is also the Photon config stuff. Don’t recall the functions name, PxConfig I beleive.

Yes, but these don’t have the same capability in terms of tree structuring.

if, however, you just need something simple then the PxConfig stuff is fine.

will try thanks