Mini PCI

I have been evaluating a flat panel PC, based on a little SBC from Arbor

The board has a mini pci slot into which I have plugged an Orinoco based wireless network card.

Now I was assuming that mini pci was a standard pci slot with a different connector, so the wireless card would show up as a pci device.

This is not the case.
It actually appears to be a pccard device, in that devp-pccard starts on boot up and typing pin shows the info for the wireless card as though it was plugged into a PCMCIA slot.

And it works, well nearly, I can start the driver and set an ip address.
But I can not ping any other locations or ping this system from another location.
I suspect that I need to allocate an interrupt for the pc card bridge.

Does any one have any comment on this?
In particular the mini pci slot appearing to be a pccard slot?

I am waiting to hear from the manufacturer, but I thought this would be an interesting post.

Well I figured out why the mini pci slot appeared to be connected to a pc card controller!

The wireless card I am using has a pc card briged built in.
So when I plug it in, it looks like a pccard bridge with a wireless card plugged in!

Still can’t get the driver working, but hey you can’t have it all.

Does any one know of a mini pci card based on the Broadcom 43xx chipset?
This appears to be the only one supported by QNX at the moment.