Receive Neutrino messages in PtMainLoop()

Hi there,

I am developing under Neutrino 2.1 / Photon 2.0.
My application (server) wants to receive messages in PtMainLoop()
which were sent from other applications (client) by MsgSend().
So I used
PtAppAddInput( NULL, 0, msg_hdl, NULL )
to add a handler (with pid = 0 to receive messages from any client).

But which coid has the client to use in the MsgSend() call ?
I created a channel in the server using
name_attach(NULL, “test”, 0)
and connected the client to the server with
name_open(“test”, 0)
but this doesn’t work: I can connect, but msg_hdl() isn’t called when the
sends a Message; the client keeps send blocked.

Anyone have any ideas ?

By the way, I found two photon libraries under /usr/lib: and
If I link against, only one of the two function calls
PtAppAddInput( ) and
name_attach() does not fail (whichever was called first)., on the other hand, seems not to contain the function PtExit().
Which one is the “real” photon library?

Thanks for anyone’s help .

Martin Ruff