ISA pnp Modem

Hi !
I’d like to know if I can make a Motorola VoiceSurfer ISA pnp Modem run on
photon (qnx)
In Windows and Linux it runs wonderfully, but in qnx I cannot make it run.
In Windows it’s on COM3 0x3e8 IRQ 11.
I’ve tried puttin devc-ser8250 -u3 3e8,11 (with -u2 too) and it doesn’t
I’ve seen too when running enum-pnpisa (or something like that) that it
“detects” it, but I don’t know how to “activate” it.
Ok, If somebody can tell me something I’ll be grateful.

PD: Does anybody know if there’s a driver for the SIS9000 PCI FastEthernet
card ???