Auto Start Developed Application in an Embedded System


I am very new to QnX, so sorry for what may seem like a real dumb question. I have QnX running off Compact Flash from an embedded board. I have developed an application and now when I restart the board, I would like this application to automatically come up and run.

How can I do this in QnX?

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How are you running the app now ?, if you are telnet into the OS and running the app, you must also have a start up script that will initialize the OS and the start the process on the board.

I have benefited much from this forum when i first started with QNX a year ago, though not exactly a pro one year later, i hope to be able to contribute backwards in a small way… so here’s One of the methods…

In your xxx.bsh file in your project space, create a korn shell which will interprete a script file which will launch yuor application. e.g. if you locate your script file named “myscript” in /usr/

you will add:
[+session] /bin/ksh -c /usr/myscript &

If u are launching from photon, you’ll be using:
pterm -Z /bin/ksh -c /usr/myscript &

In your “myscript” file, you can then have the flexibility to edit the application to start up “automatically” on startup: e.g.: (always remember to specify the script interpretor at the 1st line)

/usr/myapplication &

Do you have installed QNX as a development host on CF? Many people who are new to QNX try this, because they don’t know about build files and boot images. But you should either create an own boot image and script, or you should use the new QNX Runtime CD to install.