Refresh rate not retained

I am running a ATI Rage 128 Expert 2000 buzzword buzzword video card
with RtP Patch A (second-most-recent version) at 1280x1024 resolution,
and have set the refresh rate to 85Hz. Two observations:

  1. as installed, the /etc/system/config/graphics-modes file is not
    world writable, and the phgrafx is not running setuid, so any
    video mode changes I make as a regular user are silently

  2. I set the video mode and refresh as root, then logged back in as a
    normal user. It gets the resolution correct, but does not go to
    the correct refresh rate. When I open phgrafx, it shows 85Hz, but
    in order to put the monitor into 85Hz, I have to select 75Hz, then
    select 85Hz, then press Apply.

The top line in my graphics-modes file is:

io-graphics -g1280x1024x16 -I0 -d0x1002,0x5246 -R85;#1280,1024,16,100,0CBDr,ati_rage128 - ATI Rage 128 / Rage 128 Pro

Just FYI.