File and processes

i’ts possible to open a file from a process that is be wrote by many different processes?
I mean…I’ve got a process in which is running the application A.
Application A create a file and write in it some data (logfile.log)
I start application B that gain another process. I need to modify logfile.log from process A and B (and eventually by other applications)

is it possible without problems or I need some particular tip?

Sure you can. But processes A and B cannot write to the same file at the same time. You should use semapheroes for it not to happen.

yes I supposed it…sigh…i asked for help because I have N processes that read data from different hardware port, and log them into different files…till no no problems, but I discovered that I must receive another ype of signal from gps and log it into each opened files…it is (in my opinion and with my knowledge until now) quite hard because this gsp signal is used to synconize all data read from the various ports.

I thought that I can work in two ways:

  1. made a process that read the port and when receive the signal log this on each files…the problem is that each files is opened inside another process…

  2. made a function and insert it inside each process…this way in my opinion is more heavy in execution and the logged data (that must have the same time) have different time…

Note: each process is a single program

for now I choose to work in this way:
I made a process for gps that log the received signal on a dedicated logfile, and offline I can process that read data. (I know, it’s not a beautyful way to do this dirty work, but I need it to work)