C# for QNX?

Is there a compiler than can compile C# code for QNX? Or is there even a port of one of the free .Net implementations to QNX?


I don’t think there is.

However I am tying to port mono to QNX (6.3, x86) as a google summer of code project.

I am not very far at this point, but running a simple “hello world” works fine. Even the c# compiler is working (at least with the “hello world” source)

atm I am trapped in some stupid problems with the behavior of the makefiles. But I guess there should be some progress next week.

If there is any inerest I’ll keep you up to date…


it’s possible to look yours port of mono to QNX 6.3 ?
On google summer of code I don’t find nothing about QNX

Not yet,

As mentioned it is just in something like a pre-alpha state.
On sucessfull completion the code will probably go into a mono release.

I think about putting a sourceforge project up with the patches, but I’ll have to look into licensing rules before that.


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