compiling programs in qnx4.25

Hello everybody,
i am very new to qnx4.25 and if i am getting some eroors when compiling any c program.
i runned this command
wcc hello.c and also
cc hello.c
it is giving following error
/usr/watcom/10.6/bin/wcc386 -zq -ms -4r -i=/usr/watcom/10.6/usr/include -i=/usr/
include hello.c
/usr/watcom/10.6/bin/wlink op quiet form qnx flat na hello op priv=3 op c libp /u
sr/watcom/10.6/usr/lib:/usr/lib:. f //hello.o op offset=40k op st=32k
Error(2008): cannot open //hello.o : No such file or directory
cc: /usr/watcom/10.6/bin/wlink exited 1
even if i include any header file it is giving file not found pls help me and tell me if i want to perform any commands before compiling.

This is a bug or feature :slight_smile:

Anyway, don’t put your C program in the / directory. Try to move it to a subdirectory.

Thank u very much Senior Member i tried that and worked thanks a lot