PhAB bugs

Has anyone seen any of these PhAB bugs in QNX6 and know of work arounds?

  1. If you minimize a picture window in PhAB and try to double click on its
    icon to restore it, PhAB crashes.
  2. If you try to resize a dialog/picture window (even widgets) in PhAB using
    the resizing click boxes everynow and then PhAB crashes.
  3. Under Phindows, with PtButton where their button types are set to
    Pt_IMAGE, if you set the Pt_GHOST to true, they don’t look
    ghosted at all. It works under normal Photon though.
  4. If you use a PtOsContainer, when you move widgets on it, there is a
    drag/refresh problem. As well the PtOsContainer seems to be opaque
    when it comes up on the screen even if its color fill is set to

Any thoughts?

Sylvain Marcotte