Creating pterm.pal to set pterm colors

Dear All,

I would like to create a pterm.pal file to set my pterm colors using colors 8-15. I realize that pterm -K will let me access colors 0-7.
How is a pterm.pal text file created and what are the sixteen colors for that it specifies?


From the pterm documentation:

The palette file can be either a binary file containing sixteen 32-bit
entries or a text file containing sixteen 8-digit hexadecimal numbers
separated by newlines (and terminated with a single newline). If the
length of the file is neither 64 nor 144 bytes, the file is assumed

The palette file is capable of displaying 16 colors: 8 “normal” colors
and 8 “bright” colors in the same way that a standard CGA/VGA does.
Color numbers are indexes into this array. The default array has 16
elements corresponding to 16 standard CGA colors: