Obscure Resource Manager Question about a Message Context

The structure message_context_t *ctp has a member info which
seems to have useful information, for example:

ctp->info.pid is the process id of the calling process.

There are two items ctp->info.nd (node?) and ctp->info.ndsrc (Node Source?) which I can’t find any documentation for.
When I send a message to a resource manager from the local node,
these are both zero. When I send a message across the network,
they are both the same value.

I’d like to know what the difference between them is, and if possible,
how to interpret them further.

Thanks for any assistance.

it’s a struct _msg_info which is described in the docs. nd is the node descriptor for the node the client is on, as viewed from the server. srcnd is the node the server is on, as viewed from the client

Thanks for the reply. That is what I thought it would be, so I was
surprised when both numbers were the same. Is that possible?
Or must I be seeing things? :0).

Oppse, I take it back, I am getting different numbers.

Remember they are node ids, not ‘nodes’ in the QNX4 sense. It’s quite possible that the client’s node id for the server’s node and the server’s node id for the client’s node are the same number. node id’s are unique to a node, they represent the node’s ‘view’ of the other nodes.