More 6.1 moans

Before I start, I am a fan of QNX and was eager to get 6.1 installed. I’ve
been waving the flag for QNX and trying to get the company I work for to use
it for sometime, earlier this year we purchased a full development system
for Neutrino. All that said:

I’m disappointed with the release of 6.1, the first release of Neutrino was
spot on, some bugs but generally good all round for a first stab, patches A,
B and C addressed issues and were steps forward. I looked forward to
installing 6.1 thinking it would address some of outstanding issues, which
as far as I am concerned are few.

Unfortunately, all the effort appears to have gone into adding fancy extras
which look sexy, but do nothing to address the existing issues and also add
additional complexity and possible bugs.

In less than 24 hours I’ve found that:

PtTrends don’t work in PtScrollContainer’s, they didn’t work in the previous
realise but it is worse in 6.1

Localisation of the keyboard doesn’t work in 6.1, it did in the previous

PtNumericFloat is still not in the default library

Network set-up, cannot add multiple DNS entries and will not connect through
proxy server, this worked in previous realise and completely stuffs one
system which cannot be upgrade through the CD-ROM repository because the
drive isn’t supported and now cannot be upgraded through the WWW repository!

Please don’t go the way of Microsoft, offering lots of pretty, sexy but
doing nothing at the end of the day service packs. The basics need to be
right now! or I for one will not be able to keep our company using QNX much
longer, I cannot demonstrate a proto-type of the project I’m working on at
the moment due to the issues with trending and floating point support and am
forced to wait for patches.

Assistance through these newsgroups is excellent and has always proven